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Norway’s success at the Forniture Fair

Norwegian Companies have presented their ideas; attended the event ambassador Bjorn T. Grydeland and the secretary of state for Industry and Trade, Rikke Lind

The morning of April 19 Norway debuted at the Forniture Fair in Milan. Among the Exhibitors were HÅG, not only distinguished by innovative design, but also for sustainability obtained through the use of materials with a low environmental impact; Vàrier, specialized in ergonomics, for which Vàrier won the “Design Excellence” in Norway; LK Hjelle, known for the careful selection of materials; Røros Tweed, that produces wool fabrics for forniture, reinventing the classics of Norwegian tradition and bringing them closer to modern styles; Stordal, which has won awards such as Design Excellence and Design Award at the Meuble Paris; Fjord Fjesta, which starting from Molde, in the fjords, has brought in the whole world its offering of wood product.
Rikke Lind, Secretary of State at the Department of Industry and Trade, expressed his appreciation for the successful event inside the Furniture Fair, which took place in Milan from 17 to 22 of april (the stand was identified by the mark InsideNorway.no) stating that the initiative will prove very useful to further promote an industry that is already achieving remarkable results abroad, particularly in Italy: “companies that have participated represent really the variety and quality of ideas in the Norwegian furniture industry, I think that their attendance in this important event will give a new impulse to the vitality of the sector in Italy and I hope that the Norwegian companies represented will become even more numerous in future editions.
The initiative was sponsored by the Norwegian Council of Mobile (Norsk Industri), the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Italy, and was supported by Innovasjon Norge (Innovasjon Norway), government agency for the development of foreign trade, which is based in Milan and works very hard in Italy to strenghten the relationshio between economy and culture of the two countries.
On april 19, there was the Ambassador of Norway in Italy, Bjorn T. Grydeland, which together with Rikke Lind and other representative of the Norwegian organizations who participated also visited the exhibitions of the young designers and planners (see also NorwegianWay website, which is committed to the diffusion of the Norwegian Culture in Italy) at the satellite salon, where proposed their ideas Caroline Olsson, Sara Gressberg, Anneli Hoel Fjaerli (che hanno fondato la Fog Studio), Angell, Wyller, Aarseth, Runa Klock, Martin Solem.
Aldo Ciummo