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North of Sweden, environment and culture

On September 13th (in Milan at Teatro Strehler) will be held the presentation the European Capital of Culture, Umeå

The city of Umeå, which is on the northern coast of Sweden, will be introduced as European Capital of Culture of 2014 during the Milan film festival, event that will host the screening of the short film “My people-The Sami people” that the filmmaker Oskar Östergren dedicated to his countrymen, the Sami people.

The culture of the Sami will have an important part, in the year in which the city of Umeå will be European Capital of Culture.

Will be screened “Faro – Sanctuary” (di Fredrik Eldfeldt), story of the escape of a fugitive with his daughter in the untouched nature of the North.

The movie reminds us of the relationship with the environment (from sports to fruit picking, passing through the navigation)  with a sensitivity to the surrounding environment that is innate to daily life in large parts of Sweden.

 Aldo Ciummo